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I personally believe that every piece of clothing has a story to tell.. It’s a beautiful reminiscence of an occasion or an important meeting, celebrating an achievement or just any other day that brings a smile to your face. At Monalisa, we play a role in making this occasion perfect. We try and complete this moment of yours, through quality.   + More



Welcome to Monalisa Exclusive Textiles!

Monalisa welcomes you all to the world of the finest designed fabrics. At Monalisa, we strongly believe in meeting our customers’ expectation, providing superior quality at an affordable price, and most importantly, impeccable craftsmanship that make the solid foundation of our organization. We deliver our clients with superior fabrics and tailoring that is sure to bring confidence and elegance so that satisfaction is guaranteed to both your professional and personal attire. Monalisa Exclusive Textiles boasts of wide range of superior fabrics from which you can choose. Our tailor and other supportive staffs are present at our exclusive showroom round the clock to provide the clients with all the professional service and necessary information on the latest trends from the world of fashion and glamour. We encourage you to visit our showroom at the United World Trade Center, Bhat Bhateni super market, Maharajgunj and Tangal, to show you that we are different. All in all Monalisa is “A complete solution for every generation”

Monalisa Accessories

Any fashion conscience individual knows that it’s not just the outfit that makes them stand apart...

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Monalisa Accessories

Bhushan Dahal, TV Personality

Hugo Charlese Zogna DulHill Dormeul Wain Finest Security Versace Fintes