About the shop: Like the name it has adapted, the store guarantees class. From the textiles to the tailoring, to the readymade products, everything is available under the same roof at Monalisa Exclusive Textiles. Quality is not compromised and the costumers are guaranteed to return satisfied. A famous name in the service oriented business, Monalisa Exclusive Textiles promises supreme quality for its service users. With people assisting in the choice of fabric to the design of the suit, a customer's personality change dramatically when attired in the suit tailored at Monalisa Exclusive Textiles.

Sumeet Bansal, the owner has this to say: We want the people of Kathmandu to grow conscious of what they wear. My grandfather started a clothing store at Indrachowk and the good name of the family store has spread widely in the last 25 years. My father Sunil Bhansal has strived to maintain the reputation. Suits are an integral part of the man's wardrobe. There are two types of suits: One is that corporate suit and the other, a party suit. Now what people normally do is wear one kind in place of the other when the occasion doesn't condone it. We opened this retail shop at United World Trade center because we wanted to provide people with world class brands. Ours is a one stop store. From a commoner to the executive class, everyone's desire to suit up will be fulfilled if one visits store. Our comprehensive product range includes ties, suiting, shirting, safaris handkerchief, jacket, and trousers produce by globally distinguished brands such as Dormeuil, John Foster, Hugo Boss, Wain Shiell, and many more.

In fact, suits are not supposed to be readymade. They are meant to be stitched and tailored by the master. The image of Man is reflected from the kind of suit he wears. It is the personality that gets reflected in his suits.

Pink, Red, green colors are the variety women can choose from at our store. It is the fabric that distinguishes a good suit from the rest. We have fabrics in all the ranges. What you pay is what you get. If you pay a good sum of money for equally good fabric, then that suit you wear will pay back back ten folds in terms of compliments. We get our fabric from Korea, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Bangkok and we only have genuine fabrics on display. If your eyes get transfixes on a designing the catalog and wish to make one for yourself, we will render the same. It is the complete shop for grooming and dressing a man and women too are provided equal service's. In todays world, when a Man's identity is based on his dress sense, it becomes imperative to invest some money on looking good.

Hugo Charlese Zogna DulHill Dormeul Wain Finest Security Versace Fintes